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Park Avenue Elementary School

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    From the Principal's Desk

    Park Avenue Family,

    It is an absolute honor to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year!  We look forward to an exciting year as we partner with you to ensure that your child is successful as they continue to learn and grow here at Park Avenue. 

    Our staff is dedicated to providing your child with a positive, engaging, and rigorous experience each and everyday at Park.  We know that every minute matters and will strive to take your child to new heights!

    We ask that you help guide and support your child’s education by: 

    • Ensuring your child attends school daily, arrives on time and puts in a full day
    • Communicating with your child regarding homework daily
    • Reading daily with your child to strengthen their love for reading
    • Asking them to share their learning experiences with you so you are aware of the learning taking place
    • Informing you if they need additional support and how to advocate for themselves
    • Knowing that you expect them to be successful in school

    With your support we know this will be a successful year!  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself with any questions or concerns throughout the year.

    Lauren Laws

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    To participate in classroom parties, or other exciting events going on this month you MUST complete the volunteer paperwork.


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    Thank You Parent Volunteers

    We appreciate our parent volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer please stop by the office to pick up your volunteer paperwork.

    Check on Delays, Cancellations, and more at the District Website

     Park Avenue Elementary School Mission

    Relationships, Rigor and Relevance

    for all students.

    Park Avenue Elementary School Vision

    To work together to promote high student achievement and lifelong learning for all by providing a quality education in a safe learning environment.

    Park Ave 6 P's

    PARK AVE 6 P's






    Positive Attitude

    Supply Lists

    School supply lists are located in the Homepage Locker  Open the "Supply Lists 2019-20" file and locate your child's grade level.

    How to change after school plans

    Pickup Patrol

    When you need to change where your child will go after school, please use the PickUp Patrol app from your smartphone or computer.


    Transportation changes must be made by 1:10 pm on Monday and by 2:20 pm on Tuesday through Friday.


    Please do not change your child's transportation plans after 1:10 pm on Monday and after 2:20 pm on Tuesday through Friday to ensure your child's teacher has time to receive the correct information.

    Look in the Homepage Locker for a flyer with more information or visit

    Pick Up Patrol 8-19
    PTO Meeting

    We need your support and would love for you to participate in the Park Ave PTO.

    Please join us at our next PTO meeting. 

    Every Day Counts!

    Park Avenue continues to promote the value of learning! Research shows that attendance is one of the most important factors in school success. Our day begins promptly at 8:00 and ends at 3:00pm. Absences and tardiness interrupt the educational process in the classroom. If a student is tardy ten minutes daily, 30 hours of instruction is missed over the course of a school year. Students can copy notes or make up an assignment, but they can never get back what's most important: the discussions, the questions, the explanations by the teacher, and the thinking that makes learning come alive!

    We at Park Avenue understand that at times life gets in the way; family emergencies and health maladies never wait until Saturday. Our truancy policy wants to ensure that learning continues when students have to miss school. Please notify our school when your child is absent and arrange for make-up work to be picked up and then completed by your child. We continue to have fewer students absent each month because we all work together!


    From the Health Office

    Remember if your child has temperature over 100 or is vomiting please keep your child home. Due to so many illnesses going around, we are requiring students to be fever/vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school if they are ill. Tylenol or Motrin can reduce the fever but the child is still ill even with these administered.

    Each semester parents can call/email and excuse their child for  five times without a Doctor’s note after this please attain a Doctor’s note to ensure the child’s absence is excused. In extenuating circumstances please call and talk with the Principal, Mrs. Laws.

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    Important Dates

    School Hours

    Mon 8:00-1:30 pm

    Tues - Fri 8:00-3:00 pm


    Cafeteria Opens at

    7:30 am Daily


    Tiger Time

    (Intervention Time)

    2:30-3:00 pm


    First Day of School

    August 12th

    8:00 am -1:30 pm

    School Hours / Attendance / Handbook

    School Hours:

    Mon 8am-1:30pm

    Tues - Fri 8am-3pm

    ******Attendance is critical to ensuring your child understands the concepts necessary to be successful in school. Please call the office at 334-9469 if your child will be absent.

    *****Please review the Student Handbook (Left side of this webpage in Homepage Locker).  If you need a hard copy please come by the office and we will provide this to you.

    Your Child's Safety
    Please use Hartman Street for student drop off and pick up.  We ask that you DO NOT use the staff parking lot unless you are coming on to campus with your child.
    Please stay in your vehicle, our staff will help students cross the street to ensure proper safety.
    When visiting or volunteering on campus please make sure that you stop by the office to visit our wonderful secretaries, Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Albers.  They will give you the proper visitors pass that will allow you to be on campus.
    Please make sure that your child is ten minutes early to the bus stop each morning.  Our bus drivers follow a tight schedule in order to safely get your child to school on time.
    Lunch Times

    4th Grade Group One  11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

    4th Grade Group Two 11:20 AM - 11:35 AM

    5th Grade Group One 11:40 AM - 11:55 PM

    5th Grade Group Two 12:00 PM - 12:15 PM


    Click the link for Park Ave breakfast and lunch menu

    Tiger Time

    Tiger Time is Park Avenue’s intervention or enrichment block. This occurs Tuesday-Friday from 2:30pm-3:00pm. Students may rotate to different teachers based on their specific need. During this time teachers are engaging students in targeted activities in Math and ELA.